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Welcome to the wonderful world of Ferny Chien. I'm an actor and stuntman in films and TV such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Poseidon, Crank, The Mummy, 24 and CSI:NY. My latest films soon to be released in 2011 The Fast and The Furious 5; Bunraku; Red Dawn and Warrior. Many of you might also know me as Wade from the hit web-series The Guild starring Felicia Day. This is my fan site where you can watch video blogs of random thoughts that are on my mind, places I go and experiences I've been blessed to have. Life is beautiful and I hope you can all share it with me...even if it is via the internet!

22 December 2013 0 Comments

Transcendence Trailer is HERE!

Hey Guys…so this lil film I appear in finally has a trailer. Hopefully I make the movie, I only had a very small part but I am still happy I got to work on it. Enjoy!

14 November 2013 0 Comments

Outcast Vlog 5 – Scooting!

So my boy Simon Chin who plays Captain Bao in Outcast decided that since he was going to be in China for an extended period of time, he wanted to buy an electric scooter. You see them everywhere in China. They’re pretty neat. The standard set up is a basket on the front, lights, a horn, pedals in case you run out of battery (happened to us) and a secondary seat on the back usually for a child (but we put it to use). They also come with a locking rear wheel to deter theft. The lady wanted to sell it to us so badly she threw in a u-lock. So for less than $300USD you can get a Yadea Electric Scooter that goes about 20-30mph and has a battery-life of about 40 miles on one charge which is pretty sick (these are just estimates). It runs on lead-acid batteries but also comes in lithium option.

This is our first little excursion around Lai Shui. Total comedy. I don’t think those bikes where made to haul 400lbs (Simon is about 240lbs and I’m about 160lbs) but surprisingly it did and we were cruising! The funniest was when Simon sat on the back. The bike was practically wheelie-ing it was so back-heavy. Too much fun…good times…enjoy!

13 November 2013 0 Comments

Outcast Vlog 4 – Ready Set

So I apologize in advance for this video. It’s pretty redundant but I wanted to document it now so maybe in a few years I can look back and giggle. There were some interesting things that I saw. I finally got to meet a Tibetan Mastiff. I read a lot about this breed and how they are apparently the most vicious dogs on the planet. I think I came across it when I was looking up info on my pit bull. Almost everyone was afraid of the dogs but I carefully approached and befriended the big guys. Afterward I made another trip into town. I was gonna just delete that footage but decided against it for my own narcissistic reasons. Anyway hope you have a great one!

12 November 2013 0 Comments

Outcast Vlog Part 3 – Walkabout Lai Shui

So I took a little stroll around Lai Shui and it never ceases to amaze me how people in other parts of the world live. There’s this really cool documentary called “Happy” that if you get a chance you should check out. Anyway first thing we had to do was laundry, then lunch. There was the best little soup-noodle spot where they pulled fresh rolled noodles right in front of you. It was epic, especially since I am a HUGE noodle lover. The little boy you see with the lollipop is MaYuLong, the shop-owner’s son. Everyday during his lunch-time he would run to the shop and help his family out. Precious lil guy.

12 November 2013 0 Comments

Outcast Vlog Part 2 – Heading to Lai Shui

So after arriving in Beijing, we filmed a couple days out by the botanical gardens. I had some time and went to eat at the “BEST” Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing. It was located near the financial district in an area they call “Central Park”. Tell you the truth I was still fighting jet-lag so a lot was a blur. I actually forgot I filmed being there so I am glad I documented it LOL.

Afterwards we were off to a small town about 2hrs outside of Beijing called Lai Shui. The set we were using was just outside of town where they apparently film many “period” films of old China. I heard that Red Cliff was also filmed there. We stayed at the Sheng Shi Int’l Hotel which I enjoyed. The 6th floor had a spa and 24hr services which was great cause we filmed long days.

12 November 2013 0 Comments

Outcast Vlog 1 – JAL onto Beijing

A lil fun clip of my travels on JAL (my new favorite airline) to Beijing to film Outcast starring Hayden Christenson, Nic Cage and Liu YiFei. What else do you do one a 14hr flight. Luckily I didn’t take advantage of the free alcohol and perks of business class cause it might’ve gotten unruly. Enjoy! – Ferny

17 July 2013 0 Comments

What’s happened and what’s going on…Summer 2013

Hey everyone! Geez so sorry I haven’t updated my site in so long but things have been hectic. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess the last time I updated I was just finishing a small part on Ironman 3. Thanks to all those who hit me up when they saw my glowing self on the screen. You know when playing small characters you never know when you’ll actually make the final cut. So I often stay pretty quiet about parts that I am unsure of.

Unlike some people who like to publicize every thing they do from their morning poop to evening desserts, I prefer to promote things I feel strongly about personally. Different strokes for different folks. And for those of you who were slick enough to catch a glimpse of me in Star Trek – Into the Darkness all I have to say is “Thank you” and “How the hell did you spot me?” I was in the movie and missed it myself!

As some of you know in December of last year I worked on a pilot called Cinnamon Girl, which was produced by Fox 21 and Lifetime. I was so proud and excited about this project. It was probably the most interesting and poignant show I have worked on since Warrior and The Guild. I got to play the part of “Tokyo” Dan Manning, a pot-smoking, liberal, civil-rights attorney during a period when Asian Americans were hated upon. The pilot was set at the end of the 60’s West Coast USA (Laurel Canyon), which some people say was the most influential period of modern American history.

The pilot begins during the Democratic National Convention and ends with the assassination of RFK. The notes and themes of the pilot deal with the exploding West Coast music scene, civil rights and the Vietnam War.  This culmination of social and artistic cultures created a moving and historical commentary of American history, which I am sad to say the pilot was not picked up by Lifetime. Everyone worked so hard on the project and it’s a shame that it was never fully supported and realized. I feel projects like this, is what mass media is made for and what US television needs. Responsible entertainment that teaches, moves and inspires.

But I’m sad that the public will never get to see this piece of work but rather will have to ingest more episodes of Devious Maids and shows of that caliber. I wonder sometimes what kind of world we live in when all the answers are right there in our past and rather than learn from them we choose to blind and distract ourselves. Then wonder why Global-Warming is causing increased tornadoes, massive wild-fires and racists get away with shooting kids. Anyway I hope you get my analogy.

“Study history, otherwise history will repeat itself…” someone much smarter than me said that.

So after Cinnamon Girl didn’t get picked up I had a lot of time on my hands. So the beginning of the year I hopped around doing small bits on projects with friends. Did a little boxing stint on Showtime’s new hit series Ray Donovan for my friend Shauna Duggins. You might know her better as Jennifer Garner’s Stunt-Double on Alias (Shauna is one bad-ass babe). Then I did Captain America II – The Winter Soldier as a S.T.R.I.K.E. Agent. I was pleasantly surprised that Chris Evans was a really nice guy to work with.

Currently I am working on a new movie Transcendence produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by the DP of Inception and Dark Knight, Wally Pfister. It’s Wally’s directorial debut and stars Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara and Cillian Murphy. I can’t reveal details about the movie but I think all you Sci-Fi fans will enjoy it. I play a scientist named Heng. I have to admit I never felt more self-conscious as I did walking onto set to work with this group of actors. It is a blessing and they are all so wonderfully generous and supportive.

Well that’s all I can say right now about this show I am doing. I hope everyone who reads this enjoys a wonderful summer and stay safe. Take care of one another!

- Ferny



2 June 2013 0 Comments

I dream of going to Tomorrowland

I know I’ve been tweeting about Tomorrowland and for all those who haven’t heard about it, here is a little video from last year. I know it’s not for everyone but I like Music Festivals of all kinds. I’ve gone to everything from Coachella to the Golden Gods Awards, Burning Man and Caribbana. I love international festivals especially  because it brings the world together and you meet people from all over. Surprisingly people are very similar. In a time where there is so much war, fear and alienation I feel art and music brings people together and helps us realize that we are all very similar. Doesn’t matter where we come from we all want the same thing…a better world. Maybe my ideas are naive and impossible but I want to be the change I want to see. Enjoy and take care of one another!

26 May 2013 0 Comments

Reminds me…

I always like these types of shorts. Reminds me of…well…me! LOL

20 May 2013 0 Comments

Chewie’s on the move

My new puppy adjusting to life in the WeStSiDe and an opportunity for me to test out the GoProHero3…I like the Protune function!